About Us

Arthurindo Management Consultant is a professional consulting firm with a wide range of services, specialised in taxation, audit and accounting services, and specialized client oriented services.

Our Start
Arthurindo Management Consultant established in 1990 by Linda Purnomo as Managing Partners

Our Assets
Management and human resource is our long-term investment for the company. We value our people and participate in training programs to add knowledges to become an experienced and expert in the field.

Our Work         
We later to midsize firm to large corporate, and we strive to give a tailored service to meet our client’s needs. We are dedicated to give our clients the best services that suit their needs.

Provide the best services to the clients, and give the best solutions that suits their needs.

To fulfill needs, wants and satisfaction of customers; either individual or organization.To provide the best services in accounting, audit, tax and management that giving knowledge, skills and training to enhance productivity efficiency, and reducing cost.